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Introducing Revolution Realty Income Fund I, LLC. Online real estate investing developed and managed by an accomplished management team whose national presence and expertise generate stable, consistent, and safe returns for qualified investors.

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Attractive Returns

Our impressive real estate assets are well-positioned to deliver stable distributions above market standards.


Experienced Management Team

Our team of fund managers leverages their combined 20+ years of experience to create a safe fund with predictable returns.


Secured Investments

Loans in the private mortgage fund are secured by real estate, adding an additional layer of protection for investors.


Portfolio Diversification

Our investment portfolio features loans across a variety of property types, geographies,  and borrowers to diversify an investor’s portfolio.

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How our Private Real Estate Investment Fund Works

Step 1

Real estate investors are vetted with a strict due diligence process and approved borrowers secure business-purpose real estate loans.

Step 2

Loans are secured by senior debt on the underlying real estate and borrowers pay monthly interest on loans.

Step 3

Track the performance of your investments in real time with our easy-to-use real estate investment platform.

Step 4

Get paid with consistent, stable quarterly distributions.

Private Real Estate
Investment Strategy

In today’s economic environment, our stable real estate investment platform is well-positioned to deliver highly attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

We have a strict focus on business-purpose loans including short-term bridge acquisition, fix and flip, ground-up, and build-to-suit construction loans. Our target loan-to-value ratios are under 65% to ensure a strong equity cushion.

Our private real estate investment fund is driven by proprietary deal sourcing and established industry relationships.

Revolution Realty Income Fund I, LLC investments are carefully chosen across diverse asset classes such as:
  • Residential
  • Multifamily
  • Retail
  • Industrial

Our geographic focus emphasizes California and other robust markets across the West Coast, East Coast, and Sunbelt region.

Our commitment to due diligence, risk management, and a strong focus on operational excellence coupled with our strategic partnerships with experienced service providers, enables us to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for our commercial real estate investors.

Minimum Investment
Asset Management Fee
Target Annual Return to Investors
Fund Structure
Reg D 506C Limited Partnership

Commercial Real Estate
Fund Management Team

Investing in commercial real estate has never been easier or more secure. Our highly skilled fund management team leverages expert analysis, rigorous due diligence, and years of industry partnerships to create a safe fund with predictable returns for accredited investors.


Oliver Austria
Fund Manager, CEO

Oliver Austria leads Revolution Realty Income Fund I and brings over 20 years of experience in mortgage banking, real estate development, and private lending. 

Throughout his career, Oliver has led multiple lending platforms with cumulative loan originations of approximately $1 billion. During this time, Oliver has managed capital for retail investors, family offices, private equity funds, and institutional investors.

Oliver has a successful track record with investments totaling approximately $25M in residential flips, condo conversions, and commercial real estate. His hands-on experience informs his decision-making process, enabling him to recognize profitable opportunities and manage risks effectively for commercial real estate investors.


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Years of experience




Real Estate Investment Fund Strategic Partners

Our private equity platform partners with industry-leading service providers who play a crucial role in creating a successful private real estate investment fund. By collaborating with partners who are experts in their respective fields, we ensure the fund operates efficiently with integrity and transparency.

Theorem Fund Services

Our fund administration partner allows us to streamline operations, maintain accurate financial records, and ensure regulatory compliance, while allowing us to focus on the mission of maximizing investment returns for our investors.


FCI Lender Services

A top-tier loan servicer managing our private real estate investment fund’s loan portfolio, handling essential tasks such as loan monitoring, payment collection, and default management safeguards investor capital and reduces operational risks.


Geraci Law Firm

An experienced legal team ensures that all investment decisions and operations adhere to the strictest legal and regulatory standards, minimizing potential liabilities and legal risks.



Comprehensive fund control procedures ensure proper allocation and disbursement of funds throughout the investment process to safeguard investor capital.


Endeavor Bank

A partnership with a bank that understands our private real estate investment fund’s unique needs and offers tailored financial solutions to ensure seamless financial transactions.



Armanino's vast experience in private lending ensures our real estate investment fund’s financial integrity, accurate reporting, timely tax filings, and regulatory compliance.


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